Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend |Book Review| (Spoiler Free!!)

So I finally got around to reading this! I can happily say I was not disappointed at all.

This book follows Morrigan Crow who gets sucked into a whimsical magical world on the day she is supposed to die.

That alone sounds pretty amazing but I didn’t go into this book with any expectations really. That’s usually how I am with middle grade I go in pretty happy to be reading it no real expectations from it. I also don’t analyze it much because obviously I’m way older than the target audience of the book of course some things might seem silly or strange but in my opinion it adds to the fun. Sometimes you have to put everything aside and just have fun with the story no matter what.

This book makes that very easy. I got sucked in right away when I started reading this book. It has such a whimsical vibrant world inside that’s waiting to suck you into its story. It was just fun! It’s a good read if you’re looking for something to just enjoy.

The writing was obviously not hard to read which makes this book a fun read.

-Mild Spoilers below –

I was going to make this 100 percent spoiler free but I really want to share some of my favorite aspects of Nevermoor.

1- Morrigan’s constantly changing room. How fun would that be?? It could be any size you want! With any decor! Sign me up.

2- Fen the talking Magnificat. She’s a giant sentient talking cat! First that is a dream come true and I want one. Two she’s sassy but also very caring.

I loved the chase scene but got extremely frustrated when Morrigan decided to be nice and turn back to help someone. Sometimes it’s way or be eaten you know? If you read it you’ll see what I mean.

Hope you guys enjoyed 🖤

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