GoodReads Goals: Why I like them, my progress, and other things.

Hello! Today we’re going to have a chat about GoodReads goals!

I’m a big fan of them honestly I find them very motivating but not in a competitive way. I don’t stress about meeting my goals by the end of the year. I just think they’re a good way to see your reading progress and set goals. Of course be reasonable so you don’t feel stressed about it.

There have been numerous conversations about competitive reading and how Goodreads goals fuel that. While I understand that I think that’s more what happens when you begin to focus on the goals of others rather than your own. As it’s always good to point out comparison gets you nowhere.

I’m going give an example because I feel it’s relatable. My best friend Emma reads over 100 books in a year. My average is about 40 books a year. Those are two very different goals. Of course if I start comparing myself I’m going to think wow I’m not reading a lot at all but I am! I’m reading the perfect amount for me!

Never compare yourselves. I think that’s where competitive reading comes from. It’s not a competition who can read more books on Bookstagram. Everyone reads a different speeds. 🤷🏻‍♀️ BUT I DIGRESS.

I love setting Goodreads goals because I like tracking my progress I find it very fun. It also helps me organize. I can look at my list for the year and add the books, dates, etc to my reading journal. I also use it to keep track of books I want to review. Overall I just find it fun.

As of today Aug 25 I have finished my goal of reading 40 books this year which I was not expecting at all.

2 thoughts on “GoodReads Goals: Why I like them, my progress, and other things.

  1. HI there! Really like this post, and I agree. I see a lot of people demonizing the goodreads goals because they set unrealistic standards and whatever. I like it, it makes me motivated and prevents me from slacking off (although I do it very often) As of August 28th Ive finished 42 books of my goal of 50.

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    1. Hello! I know you mean! Especially in the beginning of the year we see a lot of people talking about competitive reading and things like that. I think it’s all up to personal preference. I set an average goal so that I’m not stressed. You’re doing really well in your goal! Good luck!

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