The Quick by Lauren Owen |Book Review| (Spoilers!)

All hail the TBR jar that picked this book for me! Well…I guess we can be glad I read it so I can unhaul it. I gave this book 3 stars so let’s just get cracking at why I gave it three shall we?

Now recently I learned that this book was supposed be a secret vampire book. That the fact that vampires were real was supposed to be the BIG TWIST of the book. Yeah that didn’t work well for the publishers did it? It’s pretty obvious it’s a vampire book plus all you have to do to find out is look it up. Google is an amazing thing folks. If they were relying on vampires to be some big shocker then the book fell flat on its face for that. Personally the reason I purchased the book was because it had vampires. I wanted to read more books with my favorite nocturnal creatures featured.

Anyway. The major plot twist being obvious aside the book still fell pretty flat. We start off with our main characters as children only a few pages. Then we jump to our male MC James. James is done with schooling and moves to London. In London things happen and he ends up living with an aristocratic man named Christopher. James is a homebody who spends all his time writing and Christopher likes to party. Of course these two seem to be at odds with one another. Now to me this next part was the plot twist. James and Christopher are attracted to one another~~ They end up in a relationship but they must keep it a secret because society won’t accept this. This much I expected since it’s historical fiction.

Sadly this book doesn’t continue to focus on that. Instead James and Christopher go out drunk off their heads one night and get attacked by a strange man who bites them both on the neck. Christopher dies during this encounter and James blacks out. In the next chapter we switch to a new POV with a character we’ve never met before or heard of at all. That really threw me for a loop. My immediate thoughts were “who are you?? Where is James??”. After this we are introduced to the world of vampires working out of this super elite club that only allows men and only a certain number of them.

After this the book just kind of drags through the POV of a man names Mould who wants to study vampires and their limits. He’s able to do this because a boy he once taught is now a man turned vampire. James is MIA in the eyes of his disorder that we meet in the prologue so she joins the fray along with some vampire hunters that help her and a human man that escaped the super elite vampire club. We constantly switch points of view some of these started to feel like they dragged on for ages without anything important happening. We get a lot of unnecessary backstory about characters that don’t matter in the great scheme of things who end up dead two chapters later.

Let’s not forget about James though even though it was easy to since we barley see him after the first quarter. He’s a newly made vampire. An experiment of sorts. His sister is hunting him like a blood hound, finds him only to loose him again. This alone took way too long to read about. James is sad because Christopher is dead but what do we care their relationship lasted 50 ish pages. Stuff happens it’s honestly too much to even summarize at this point with all the points of view.

Jame’s sister binds him and sticks him in the priest hole and goes off to marry our human escapee from the club. Cut to when they’re old and decrepit! Jame’s sister dies of old age or something, her husband returns to England to the house where they left James bound in a priest hole only to find *drum roll* James has somehow escaped!! The vampire plague is not over! *enter ominous music here*

Are you underwhelmed? Disappointed? Because I am. I’m beyond disappointed. I would have preferred to read about gay vampire men for 300 plus pages. I’m all honesty that would have probably been a better story.

The book was so boring when you really look at is because everything is so dragged out. We get all this POV switching even to minor characters that could have just been taken away. The whole story was just anti climactic. I guess it was riding on the vampires being a big surprise then you would want all this extra information. Since that didn’t work out the whole thing just feels unnecessary. It also almost sets up like there could be more books. I would not have read any more books that’s for sure.

The bottom line is this book is boring. Plus we get this possibly interesting diversity thrown in only to have it disappear instead to watch the sister and some guy fall in love over their shared ordeal. Probably not even fall in love maybe they just figured it was easier. Who knows. After writing this review I might actually drop my star rating to a 1.


I hope this wasn’t too long and negative to read I just have a lot of feelings about this.

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