Why I admire Audrey Rose Wadsworth

So recently I did this dress up cosplay look for Instagram. I am extremely proud of how it turned out! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share why I admire Audrey Rose so much.

I like many different books and have many different favorites but not all characters impact me greatly. Audrey Rose is a character that has really stuck with me.

Stalking Jack the Ripper is based in the Victorian era, one of my favorite eras to research. There were different rules people in society were expected to follow especially the wealthy and well to do. Even stricter rules were placed on women. So for Audrey Rose to act the way she does and think they way she thinks is something so refreshing to read. She throws a wrench into what is excepted of a Victorian woman. She has an interest in forensics which at the time was male dominated, she doesn’t want to be seen as lesser than her male counter parts. She’s a Victorian era feminist and I love it.

I’ve read a lot of historical fiction ranging from different eras. Usually the women in these novels are normal for what was expected of them. They follow the rules society places on them with little to no hesitation. (I’m also aware this bothers some readers but that’s how it was back then sadly. I’ve also heard this makes historical fiction hard to read because modern readers can’t connect like there is some kind of cultural gap. I suppose there is but with research the gap tends to close if you have an open mind). Anyway I got off topic. The women aren’t usually speaking out against the standard imposed on them by their male dominated societies. Audrey Rose is the exact opposite. People tell her she can’t but she does, she does not NEED Thomas’ or anyone’s help to perform basic tasks but she also knows that their are times when we can’t do things alone.

To me all these things make her incredible. She could have been written as your standard Victorian woman but she wasn’t. She has a great amount of depth that I admire. Her ambition is so admirable. She keeps her chin up even when she’s struggling with her own problems. That is why I love her so much.

Audrey Rose is charming and badass which makes her a fascinating character to follow.

I wish I could thank Kerri Maniscalco for writing such a strong female character in her novels.

I’ve actually gotten to meet Kerri Maniscalco at a signing but I froze and couldn’t use my words šŸ˜‚. So I suppose this is my way of paying tribute to such an inspirational character.

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