Renegades by Marissa Meyer |Book Review| (Spoilers!)

Say hello to the book that helped me end my reading slump!! Yes you heard that correctly. This massive book helped me get out of my slump! I know usually that’s the exact opposite of how to get out of a slump but this actually worked very well for me.

That being said I also have sooooo many feelings about this book.

I absolutely adore Marissa Meyer! That being said her books are hit and miss for me apparently. I read the Lunar Chronicles and thought it was amazing! I really enjoyed all of the books. Not to mention our diverse cast of characters! Like it could not have been better. Then I read Heartless…not a fun time. I’d enjoyed the writing but found all the characters to be flat and boring, add a love story that I had zero interest in and we have a recipe for disaster. Going into Renegades I was nervous. Was I going to love it or was I going to suffer through 600 pages? I absolutely LOVED Renegades!

I’m not usually one for superhero stories. Usually I prefer to read about the villains because they’re a little more interesting. That being said I started this book and was hooked as soon as I read the 1st page. Reading Nova’s tragic story was heartbreaking, infuriating, and probably what sold me to keep reading. Nova had a solid reason to despise the Renegades at that point I mean come on.

The book does switch points of view which I was pleasantly surprised by. Usually with POV switching books there is always that one character that you have the terrible need to skip over but not here. I actually couldn’t wait to see things through a different set of eyes. I think that the changes in POV made the story better since we get to see two sides of the same story.

Marissa Meyer’s writing was amazing as always. It’s always easy to read and wonderful at least in my opinion. That didn’t change much in this book.

Now can we please talk about some of the amazing things in this book? There were so many details that I loved.

There was character diversity!

Nova is Italian and Filipino (I’m double checking this with the Wiki page let’s hope it’s right), Adrian is POC described as having dark skin, and Oscar (Smokscreen) has a bone disease that requires he use a cane to get around.

Not to mention Captain Chromium a.k.a Hugh Everhart and The Dread Warden a.k.a Simon Westwood are a married couple with two adopted sons. I was so excited to see this family dynamic in a book for the first time. Obviously it’s not what the book is about or even the main focus but still it’s exciting because it’s there.

I think that’s what I love most about Marissa Meyer’s books. She adds a diverse cast of characters without blinking. Even though her books don’t address the struggles of sexuality or life as a POC person she still gives us diverse characters because she knows how important it is to see that everyone no matter what can do all of these amazing things and go on these amazing adventures. After all the life and people around us are diverse why aren’t our books?

I had to retype the above paragraph a million times just so I could get my point across properly. Anyway! I loved this book I cannot wait for Arch-Enemies!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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