Reading Slumps and Summer Time.

Hello! Guess who keeps forgetting to update her website~? I do!! Ugh. I’m going to try and remedy this of course but anyway! I thought we could have a little chat!

It’s summer time! Well it’s almost officially summer time. It’s warm out and I have this terrible urge to do a million things and go on so many adventures! I also want to read about a million books. The trouble is I can’t seem to sit still long enough to actually finish any.

I think I struggle to read more during summer because it’s the time when I feel most motivated to leave my house and do things. Not to mention lots of fun events pop up during the warmer months like BookCon, the Renaissance Festival, and family vacations. Plus something about nice weather lights a fire under my ass to go out. 😂 Sadly that means I am in a terrible reading slump.

I can’t blame it all on wonderful weather and lack of focus though. I might have put myself here by accident. See I started rereading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. They’re awesome books but I’m sure y’all already know that because it’s like a YA classic. I got about half way through Catching Fire when this feeling of being unable to continue hit me. We all know how sad and hard hitting the HG can be so I’m not surprised. I’m guessing I knew I’d make myself sad by reading and just got stuck but now I’m in this giant rut and I can’t get out!

May wasn’t so bad I read 4 books when my usual average is 6 which is fine not every month will be the same. In June on the other hand…well I’ve read one book and it was an interactive story kind of book so it wasn’t long. So I’ve been feeling bad about neglecting my books and not reading. Reading is a huge passion of mine so of course I want to be constantly reading. Now there is a big old but here (do you feel the pun? I hope you do.). I ended up mildly stressing myself out. Obviously that isn’t a good thing.

After giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided not to stress out about having a really small reading month this month. Everyone reads at their own pace. Mine right now is just a bit slower. There is nothing wrong with setting books down for a while to go live life and be outside in the sunshine. Sometimes I feel like we forget that. We focus so much on how much others are reading and all this other stuff that we forget about ourselves. It’s okay if you only read one book this month or no books this month! There is plenty of time! We still have to pull our heads from between the pages and live our own adventures and lives! So don’t forget that!

I can’t say I read less in the summer in all. Usually I read more since I’m home and don’t have anything to do other than goof around. I do have other hobbies of course but the TBR it calls to me with its siren song.

*insert spooky siren music here*

I hope your readers brain imagines that. Anyway! What are you guys reading? Let me know! Let’s talk book Slumps and summer!

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