Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Spoilers)

Okay I am finally here to talk about this book. A book that I was expecting to love. Since Marissa Meyer is the author of one of my favorite series I figured well I’ll probably love the book!


I was actually very disappointed with this book. I will admit my expectations were a bit high and also a bit different. I was expecting a book about how a girl grew to be the hot tempered Queen of Hearts. What I got instead was a romance that I didn’t enjoy and characters I didn’t love one bit.

Before I get into all of that I do want to say that the writing was good. The only reason I was able to finish the book is because of the writing. As I said I love the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer so I already enjoy her writing. To me the writing was still wonderful it was just the plot and characters that fell flat for me.

I didn’t enjoy Catherine much. Now I would understand that maybe she was supposed to be a bit unlikable before hand but that wasn’t it at all. Her character seemed flat to me. So did almost all of the other characters. Reading about them almost felt like watching paper dolls move. They weren’t 3D instead they were flat and boring. I was hoping a good plot would maybe help them along but that didn’t happen either.

As we all know Catherine grows up to be the Queen. I was expecting something completely different than I got. The reason she becomes this tyrant of a queen is all based around a romance. Now that’s fine I can see how that could happen. BUT since I already didn’t care for the characters I could have cared less who they fell in love with. To me her feelings couldn’t have possibly run that deep in such a short time. I would have honestly preferred her to be bad from the beginning. I think my expectation was a book that showed a scheming and conniving young lady turn into a tyrant queen. Maybe there would be war or something but no I got romance that I didn’t enjoy one bit.

On top of that was this war or possible war going on in the background. I can’t even remember much of it or the details so I’m wondering why it was included at all. It was probably meant to again aid our characters and drive the plot but again fell flat. I think almost any mention of that was useless because in the end it doesn’t talk about it. Did Catherine end up inciting worse war? Was there bloodshed?? I wouldn’t know.

I almost forgot Peter and his Jabberwocky wife. I kind of figured that one out before the big reveal toward the end of the book. This is also the reason Jest, Catherine’s love interest dies. Really it was more her own fault for not listening to those creepy little girls in the well. I had a shouting match with my book at that point. They told you exactly what would happen and you just decided nah that sounds fake and did it anyway. -_-

So this whole thing happens Jest dies, okay whatever I didn’t care enough to be sad. Catherine becomes hollow and numb, ends up marrying the king, and despises love. Great. Oh let’s not forget she sells her heart to those creepy little girls in the well to further prove she is Heartless. She chops someone’s head off! There we have it folks the Queen of Hearts.

I guess my thing is why did it half to center around a romance? Some guy had to be the reason she turned evil and decided chopping heads was good sport. I would have loved this book if the characters had felt a bit more real. Also if there would never have been a romance that would have been even better. Why not make her evil for the fun of it? Or maybe she’s seen war and bloodshed decided she was going to take matters into her own hands. Something like that would have been great! I feel like we see girls/ women turn evil over love a lot in YA. Romance isn’t the only driving force behind these things. It almost feels like oh no the love interest died! Now the girl must be evil because he was the only thing that actually mattered. No. Why not avenge her dead family, be evil just for laughs, think she’s a hero in her own mind but she’s not, or maybe even morally gray. Not quite evil but not good either. How fun could that be?

*takes deep breath* wow that part was a rant! Sorry. All those words up there are the reasons I was greatly disappointed with this book. Since I didn’t enjoy it I’ll be donating it to my old school so maybe someone else can appreciate it.

See you guys next time!

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