Guys I finally did it!! I read my first ever Sarah J. Maas book. I can honestly say I was not disappointed. I can very clearly see now why everyone is so obsessed with the series.

I actually ordered the second book right after I finished reading ACOTAR and am currently waiting for it to arrive in the mail so I can binge it. I have a new obsession.

So I really want to start by saying I am in love with the way SJM writes. Her writing style is…I don’t know how to put it. It’s really pretty and she has a way of keeping you absorbed in the world she is building. I got so absorbed into the world of ACOTAR after the first chapter because her writing just sucked me right in.

The book took me a week to read but that was only because I was waiting to finish it so I could have enough money to buy the second book. If not for that I probably would have read this book in two days. The world is so interesting to me! I really like the different courts and I thought it was a cute idea. That is if you can describe the Night Court as cute….I am sure I’ll have a whole fangirling episode after I read the second book.

Do you ever look at a character think whoa that guy is a total a-hole then decide they are your fav? That happened to me…whoops. Damn you Rhys.

Anyway I digress for now because I have only just met the characters and I haven’t been able to decide who I like more yet. Trust me when I figure it out I will write so much about it you guys will get sick of it.

Is it bad that I couldn’t help but think of the Elves form LOTR when they described the High Fae? Is it just me?? Probably just me…

I was going to do a nice formal review but I felt like I needed to just talk freely so here we are.

I will admit I got confused for a bit in the book because since ACOTAR is all over the bookish social media I have seen Feyre and Rhys all over the place. I start reading the book and I am sitting on my couch wondering who tf Tamlin is. I really sat there for a second wondering what was going on because I am aware of Feyre being High Lady of the Night Court. Yeah it took be a minute to figure it out. I am excited to see relationships change and grow though so I am glad SJM didn’t try to squeeze every detail into one book.

I think that is all for now. I will be back after the read the second book to gush more so stick around for that!!!

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