January Wrap Up

Hello!! I know this is going up a bit early but I am about one hundred percent sure I won/t be finishing any more books this month.

As of this moment I am listening to the audiobook of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and reading The Dark Days Club by Allison Goodman. I probably won’t be finishing those two books within the next week so I’ll just talk about them more in February’s wrap up.

Now back to the January books!!

I read a total of 5 books this month!!! I am super proud of myself because I had an awesome reading month. Let us talk about the books shall we?

Image result for days of blood and starlight

This is the first book I finished in the new year and I was not disappointed. I loved this book. It is the second book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy. I loved it. I fangirled about this book to anyone who would listen. I gave it five out of 5 stars on goodreads. Since I recently built a new bookshelf I created a favorites shelf where this trilogy can now be displayed proudly. I love the way Laini Taylor writes so I cannot wait to read more of her books.

Image result for dreams of gods and monsters

Of course I had to finish the trilogy so I did. I gave this book five out of five stars. I actually cried at the end because I didn’t want to leave the characters behind. I really love Karou and I relate to her. I got this really inspired feeling while reading about Karou that I couldn’t shake off. It was great. I am sad to be done with the series but also really excited because now I can read all of the other books Laini Taylor has written because I have high hopes that they will also be wonderful.

Image result for the zodiac collector laura diamond

Say hello to the first “bad” book of the year. I put it in quotes because this is just my opinion and there are people who did enjoy this book. The book isn’t like actually bad I just did not enjoy it. Just little disclaimer. Anyway, I gave this book two out of five stars. I thought the idea was good but the execution and the writing not so much. I had a really hard time getting through the book. I couldn’t sit for long trying to read it because I got frustrated with the writing style and the characters. The characters seemed bland to me. I just could not connect with them for the life of me. Also I feel it’s fair to mention the mother in the story had bipolar disorder and that was treated mainly as a plot device. It seemed a bit insensitive to me to just have it there and make her a bad terrible abusive mother because of it. It also used self harm jus because the author could. Again I feel like it was handles poorly so this book was a major flop for me.

Image result for gemina goodreads

Yay for finally getting around to the second book!! I read Illuminae back in September of 2017 and totally forgot to pick up the second book. My motivation was the fact that the third book is coming out in 2018 so of course I want to catch up so I can read Obsidio the moment I get my hands on it. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed this book so much. I can’t pick if I like Nik and Hanna more or Kady….IT’S A HARD CHOICE OKAY. This book did have a lot more like regular reading than Illuminae did so it took a little longer to read but it was really good. I am beyond excited for Obsidio because I need to know what all this is leading up to. It has been one wild ride I am expecting an awesome kick butt ending.

Image result for moxie jennifer mathieu goodreads

Finally for the month of January I read Moxie. I gave this book five out of five stars but I would really love to give it 500 out of five stars. This book is so important. I want every girl to read this so that they know they can start a revolution and stand up for themselves and feel empowered. After reading this book I was on an energy kick, it felt like I could take on the world and rid it off all the bad disgusting things. I wish I had read this back in highschool because some of the things in this book hit close to home. This book guys. Everyone needs to be a moxie girl.


Any who!!! Those are all the books I read in January!!! It was a pretty good reading month I am hoping February will be just as or even more awesome!!


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