{Book Review}-Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Hello!! I am finally getting back into properly doing reviews and blog posts etc!!

So today I am coming at you with a book review/fangirl gush. The actually book review will be spoiler free!! The gush will have a spoiler warning before it so no fear!!

*****Book Review******

Let me start by saying this book is beautiful!!! The writing is just perfect. I would describe it as poetic and entrancing. I know sometimes very poetic writing can slow down the progression of the story but that is not the case at all with this story. I think the author did a splendid job of writing out the setting and breathing life into the characters. Each one is so distinct from the other which is important with so many Ancient Greek names floating around the book.

Everything flows perfectly within the story, none of the actions feel forced at all. It is very east to get attached to our two main characters because we watch them grow up from young boys to grown men. We also get to watch them grow from friends to lovers/boyfriends. I think that is my favorite part. The progression lets us see how they have grown and changed. No instant love or love at first sight.

I have nothing to complain about. I loved every aspect of this book from beginning to end. It is now one of my favorite books!! I think it is beautiful, sweet, and totally worth a reading.

******Spoilers Ahead******


Okay now let me tell you.



*smooths hair* okay okay I am totally calm now.

I had to put this book down multiple times just to squeal because of how cute,sweet,romantic, OR HEARTBREAKING the book was.

When Achilles tells Patroclus that Thetis cannot see them in the cave with Chiron I basically lost my mind. One because that is basically like saying “my parents aren’t home” and two because Achilles didn’t mention his feeling for Patroclus or the kiss for ages then suddenly BAM here comes the feels train.

Also every time Achilles would say Hector had never done him wrong so he would never have to kill him it never occurred to me that he might lose Patroclus. That is like the one thing no one considers. Achilles is destined to die, Patroclus knows this, he always says that he would follow soon after. No one especially Achilles ever imagined a world without Patroclus. So when Patroclus died I basically screamed. I also started crying especially when they brought his body back to Achilles and he wouldn’t let go of him. Yeah I ugly cried.

I also cried when he called him “Philtatos” like hey can you hear that it’s the sound of my heart breaking into a million tiny pieces over my sweet greek boys.

I ended up making my own TSOA bookmarks so I can use them when I reread this book because I will be rereading it.

I left my soul on page 348. It is there crying over my babies. This book is phenomenal!!!!!

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