BOOK REVIEW: The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan

Hello everyone! As promised I am here to review/fangirl over the Percy Jackson series written by Rick Riordan.

To say I enjoyed the series was an understatement. I LOVE this series and I am sure I will love the other books as I get them and read them. I fell in love with the characters and the world so quickly. As soon I stated reading the first book I free fell into Percy’s world and I never wanted to leave.

Rick Riordan has such a wonderful writing style. It’s easy to read but not overly simple. The story flowed perfectly in my opinion. I really feel like he breathed life into each and everyone one his characters which is not something I can always say. Everyone feels so real. They aren’t perfect they have flaws and problems. They have faults and emotions like normal people do. I found my self relating to every character in a different way. I also like to point out that we get to see our new friends grow up. We get to see them mature and see their emotions change and fluctuate. I loved the fact that Percy felt like a really person. He wasn’t always sure of himself, sometimes he was jealous or scared and he admitted it.

Overall I just loved the story. Rick Riordan did such a wonderful job of weaving greek mythology into modern-day.

Now onto my fangirling shall we?



*smooths out shirt, clears throat* Sorry about that folks. If it wasn’t obvious Nico is one of my favorite characters. It hurt to see him go from excited to dark over the death of his sister but it was also wonderful because Rick Riordan didn’t just skip over his grief.

Okay that and the fact that he is now my emo son. My favorite part was honestly when Minos asked if he could have the toy that came with Happy Meals. Like yes I am the almighty ghost king of Greece and I would like that toy please. It was A plus I loved it.

I may or may not have spoiled myself for later book about Nico but I won’t spoil you dear reader so I will shut up and move on.

I have zero coherent thoughts honestly they are all running a mile a minute in my head. One Percabeth is now OTP. I mean come on guys they are so stinking cute I love them. Also Percy is a sassy mf and I love it. His loyalty to his friends is honestly goals ya know besides trying to die part.

I fangirled so much while reading this series that I cannot even.

Super sorry if this review is strange I should have probably worked out what I wanted to say before sitting down at the computer. I guess since I fell in love with the series and the characters I haven’t much to say besides I love the characters. I will be continuing with Rick Riordan’s other books so do not fear I will be back with more reviews!

Stay tuned for the next more cohesive book review!

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