Thoughts I Had While Reading “Strange Practice” by Vivian Shaw

Hello! So in place of my more formal book reviews I thought I would share some thoughts I had while reading this wonderful book! I did enjoy this book, it was the best book I have read all month. There are mild spoilers in this I guess but nothing really too bad. So let us jump right in shall we?

  • This is not a Young Adult novel oops…
  • I love this book and I am only on the first chapter!
  • VAMPIRES!!! (Lord Ruthven is just ♥)
  • Great; creepy killer monks, totally not nightmare fuel -_-
  • Hell has a management system…
  • I love that Vasse explains theology as a complex concept that humans have not mastered.
  • Anna tries not to lure people to their watery doom in a puddle implies this has happened at least once.
  • Sam sounds fantastic.
  • I have so much angst towards the burning of the Library in Alexandria how dare they bring it up.
  • But at least Cathedrals are prettier.
  • We are going to call the entity God Orb- Later Evil Orb
  • This is creepy as hell

  • Ruthven talking about technology makes me feel stupid
  • Am I in love with the idea of polished tin eyes? Yes, yes I am ♥
  • Tall-Dark-and Angsty ♥

  • My opinion stands, I love Lord Ruthven
  • Man Crush Monday- Lord Ruthven laughing about having to wear a bed sheet like a ghost
  • Note to self: do not touch Ruthven’s good knives, go play with the sword instead
  • I love that the house is burning and Greta is worried about the books- honestly same
  • Sam sounds easy on the eyes
  • Ruthven likes to shop-can he get any cuter???

I know these seem weird but they are pretty funny. At least to me. This book was so much fun to read I cannot wait for the second book to come out.

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