Illuminae Book Review

Hello! I am back with another book review!! I’ll admit I took a while to put this up. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my severe procrastination even though I had the review already written out in my journal.

So!! Lets jump right in!! Also this review is spoiler free. (I am like 99.8% sure)

Let me start by saying this book is massive. It is such a fat intimidating book but it actually goes by very quickly.

This book is a sci-fi book which I had never read any book in the genre before so first sci-fi book for the win!! This is the only science fiction series I own and I really enjoyed the first book. I love that the pages are formatted to look like computer documents. It was actually my favorite aspect of the book. I also love the parts that are written in AIDAN’s point of view because it felt to surreal! You wouldn’t think a computer would be that self-aware.

Funny enough AIDAN is my favorite part to read. I do love Kady a lot too. I think she is a really smart and kick butt girl. I love ger. Ezra on the other hand needs some development before I can decide how much I love him or not. I do enjoy his character though.

“Am I not merciful” is now my all time favorite quote. It actually gave me chills when I read it. If you read the book or have read it you might understand why. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I want this to be a spoiler free review.

I almost forgot to mention my favorite part of the book!! I guess this is mild spoiler but not really? It has nothing to do with the actual plot of the book so much as it has to do with some aspect of the book formatting. As you read the book other author names pop up! You really have to look for them and it is the funniest thing! Avery clever little add to the book and I love it.

I would totally recommend this book. I think it makes a good intro into the sci-fi genre if you are like me and had never read a sci-fi book before.

Be on the lookout for my next book review because it is going to be very fun! It might be filled with spoilers though so..I will let you guys know.

Have a great day!!


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