Popular Books I Did Not Like

Yes we are going to get controversial!! I don’t have a photo because if I don’t enjoy a book I don’t photograph or even keep it. So lets jump right in shall we?? (If talk of Rape and suicide bother you skip the first two books.) Also beware of spoilers so if you have not read a book do not read the little explanations.

1- 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher –  There are so many reasons I hated this book and yes for this one I will use the word hate. Let me start with my biggest problem. The way this book portrays suicide is problematic and just plain disgusting. It almost seems to say to readers that it is a great idea because people will realize all the wrong they did. NO NO NO. Just no. As someone who suffers/suffered from Depression and experiences these terrible thoughts and feelings I feel that this book send out a terrible message and paints a terrible picture of suicide and depression. This book is so problematic with its portrayal. Who knows if it inspired some kid somewhere to do the same?? Also wat bothers me is the way people use it as a joke. I was in my senior year of high school and people would say “welcome to your tape” and laugh. It was a big joke to them. This is proof enough that this book is just terrible. ( IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: IF YOU LOVE THIS BOOK AND THINK IT DOES A GOOD JOB THAT IS OKAY! IN FACT I WOULD LOVE TO DISCUSS WITH YOU SO YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE. IT IS OKAY TO ENJOY ANY OF THE BOOK ON THIS LIST. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.)

2- Forgive Me Leonard Peacock – This is another one I think paints a terrible picture but in this case for victims of rape. I just feel like it jumped to such an extreme of Leonard just deciding to shoot up his school. Is it possible that someones brain could work like that totally!! Do most rape survivors decide to take this action? NO. I just feel like this book was poorly executed. The author does not explain what happened to the two boys well enough for the book to work. Also I just felt like Leonard was a creep for a majority of the book! He didn’t seem to have any friends or talk to anyone at all besides his teacher. In fact most of his human interaction seems off in the book. Like Leonard wasn’t real. Maybe it is just me who couldn’t get the writing to sit right.

3 – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – This book I just did not find funny. I thought the main character (I can’t even remember his name) and Earl were just vulgar and kind of gross. I just did not find it funny or entertaining. I struggled to find the comedy in the book. Also I can’t remember feeling impacted by our dying character again I cannot remember the name. This book is not bad I suppose it just wasn’t my cup of tea so to speak.

4 – The Girl on the Train – I had a bit of trouble keeping track of everything going on with this book. It seemed so busy to me. I know that every character is supposed to come together but at some point I couldn’t even keep the characters straight in my mind because they all blended together into some bizarre frankenstory. Again this book might be you fav. Tell me why! I like to discuss.

Those are the only super popular books I have ever read and not enjoyed. I am not super picky when it comes to my books. These were just some that I know I just hated or disliked. I do not even own copies of these anymore as I gave them away to people who might enjoy them better. My girl Alli loves 13 Reasons Why so I gave that away to her for example.

See you guys next time with a more positive post!!

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