BOOK REVIEW – Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena

Hello everyone! Yes another review! I read this book very recently like maybe 2 weeks ago and I thought a review was very much necessary. ( If you want to skip straight to the review and bypass my very long story just look for the header that says review!)

I will start by saying that I first heard about this book when I was at BookCon 2016 at the Quirk Books booth. It was on display as a book that was coming soon. My first thought was that the cover was absolutely STUNNING. I loved the colors, imagery, and the just overall art style that the book had on it. I love all things witch and occult related (if we are being honest which is what I want to be with this blog; as honest as possible)

So I waited and waited for the book to come out and it finally did. I made a mild note of it because I was on a book buying ban (which has recently gone out the window). I went about life  I knew the book was out and I wanted to swing y a book store to see if they might have a copy. Fast forward to a very long drive to Salem. I walk into this little souvenir store that specializes in witchy memorabilia and on the shelf is Basic Witches. I know there is a book store 3 doors down so I decided to go check if they had a copy just because I like giving them business they are my favorite little independent bookstores. (It is called Wicked Good Books in Salem, MA)

Anyway. I go in don’t find the book there so I double back to the souvenir store and buy it. Cue new book acquired happy dance!!!


I love the art in this book! It is in my opinion the cutest art style I have ever seen. I like that they include diverse looking characters in the chapter dividers.

Now onto the book itself. I will admit when I read the title I assumed it was going to be a witchcraft book through and through. Now it is a witch craft book but it also kind of isn’t (in my opinion but hear me out). The way the writers defined witchcraft was different then what I think most practitioners might define it as. I know some define it as using the energy that comes from you and the universe to do magick (magic; I am still not sure which is the right spelling). In the book it notes that some people might not believe in magic or magick however you want to spell it and that the witchcraft they will talk about in the book us kind of like taking charge and becoming one with yourself. Despite this not being what I expected I really enjoyed the book. I love how openly topics were discussed. This book is geared more toward a female/feminine audience but the authors acknowledge that a man/masculine/nonbinary/genderfluid (etc) may be reading this book and take steps to make reading comfrotable for all kinds of people no matter where they are on the gender spectrum.

I love that they include little spells to go with the different topics that are brought up like self love, learning to say no, and things like that. Some chapters have a little bit of a history lesson to explain certain aspects of a topic which is extremly helpful. Also just fn to read if you are a history nerd like I am.

Overall I think this book was a very fun read. It helped me realize that no is a full sentence because I tend to start an explantion as not to offend anyone. I would recommend this book to anyone into withcy things or not affraid to read about self love and worth in that context.

4 out of 5 stars

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