My Auto Buy Authors

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to share with you some of my auto buy authors. Usually when I hear they are releasing a new book I get super excited, go running to my family (usually my mom because she is the one I pester the most) and just kind of squeal in excitement while talking about how good the authors other books were. (To say the least my mom probably tunes me out). 

1- A.G Howard – She is my all time favorite, the only author I have ever pre-ordered, and as this blog goes on you will likely notice that I am obsessed with all of her book and her writing style. (Is the picture above any hint to my obsession?)

2-  Marie Lu – She was the first author I ever got to meet in person! I met her at New York Comic Con 2016 and I was fangirling to the max. I actually found her by accident because my goth mom and I were on our way out when we found the BookCon at NYCC section. We passed a booth and I was like huh that woman looks familar…cue me jumping up and down because Marie Lu is just sitting their signing books and she had no line at all. I’m going to insert the super derpy picture down below. 

3- Ransom Riggs – a.k.a the author that showed me the YA genre was more than just dystopia books and romance. Also Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was the first book I ever brought with my own money so it has a very special place in my heart.

4- Marissa Meyer – So  she isn’t the first of anything like Marie Lu and Ransom Riggs but I LOVE  ♥ her books so so much. The popped into my life during a really hard time and her stories sucked me right in. They are so well written and just so interesting. Not to mention the Lunar Chronicles Series is home to one of my all time favorite villan Queen Levana. God I love Queen Levana I could probably write a whole post about why. 

5- Ruta Sepetys – I just love her books and I own almost all of them. I believe I am only missing Between Shades of Grey. She writes historical fiction which is one of my favorite genres because I am a huge history nerd who loves to see historical figures come to life. 

6- Keri Maniscalco – The only reason Keri Maniscalco is last on this list is because she is the newest edition to the list. I recently this year read Stalking Jack the Ripper and just absolutely loved it. It had everything I could ask for. It is a historical fiction book, it has mystery, and it revolves around a pretty badass female character. Not to mention is has to do with a very notorious serial killer who never was caught because his identity is unknown. The second book to the series Hunting Prince Dracula actually came out today so…you can guess what is going to happen to my wallet. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this. This one was pretty long but I didn’t just want to list the authors I wanted you to know why they are some of my favs. Who are your favs?

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